Ci sha xiao shuo jia

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The highly talented writer Lu Kunwen creates incredible sagas of fantasy worlds and legendary battles. Lu’s books are very popular with readers. Re-inspired, he begins another novel that tells the story of an evil deity who exterminates a peaceful people, and a brave hero who challenges a powerful creature. Suddenly, the plot of Lou’s book becomes a reality — the author finds himself on the battlefield.

The film Assassin: Battle of the Worlds in the original is called Murder of the Writers. It is based on the novel of the same name by Shuang Xuetao. Actor Dong Zijian embodies two main roles in the film at once. He plays the frustrated real-world writer Lu Kunwen, as well as a young god-slaying youth in a fantasy world.

Dong Zijian joined the cast three months before filming began. For the role, the actor had to master the Chongqing dialect. In addition, he had to train hard and lose more than eighteen kilograms of weight. In preparation for filming, the actor got up every day at six in the morning and trained until six in the evening.

Part of the film scenes were filmed in the winter season. During this period, Dong repeatedly had to dive into a cold river, the water temperature in which did not exceed three degrees Celsius. The film premiered in February 2021 nonton online on the eve of the Chinese New Year.

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