How to choose a film for cinema therapy?

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How to choose from a variety of excellent films for a cinema Indoxxi therapy / training session (hereinafter, for brevity, we will use only the first term) the one that best meets the therapeutic or educational needs of the target audience? Is a question that every leading therapist / trainer faces. This applies not only to a professional, but to every person who wants to independently try to solve their problems using the film therapy method. Let’s try to think together, but really, how? Is it possible to compose some kind of selection algorithm?

To begin with, preventing complexes of perfectionism and inferiority, we will understand that the same “best” film for all cannot be, by definition, and the choice will always be of an individual-subjective and situational nature. The desire to draw up a universally ideal program that satisfies everyone and everyone will be naive to say the least. Here, not only will each group have their own target needs and quality features (for example, age and education), but each presenter will have their own therapeutic view, their own methodology and even aesthetic preferences (genres, actors, directors). Let us understand that it is unrealistic to achieve an analysis and solution of all problems through the analysis of one, even the most wonderful film, as it is impossible to heal a chronic illness with the help of one therapeutic session. You should not set yourself unbearable tasks: each of our meetings is just one small step forward. Any transformation is rarely an instant miracle, it is usually the result of painstaking and long-term work. We are not even talking about the fact that it is simply unrealistic to review all the films, and each therapist will, first of all, start from what he has encountered himself, as new films are released and new techniques are mastered, changing and improving the previously compiled programs. And the limit to perfection, as we know, does not exist. Therefore, I recommend putting all the best perfectionist intentions aside at once. Focus as much as possible on the modern moment, your feelings and possibilities.

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